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Becoming a Casino VIP

Online casinos offer many awards and bonuses to their players. With so many casinos all vying for attention, it is important that a casino stands out. All casinos these days have a welcome offer but not so many provide a loyalty program. More and more often, this type of offer is becoming hugely important as it is easy to bring in a new player but harder to keep them around.

There are different types of loyalty or VIP programs. Some, the players are automatically entered for as soon as they start playing. These types of programs tend to come in the form of the more a player plays or deposits, the more points they will gain at that particular casino. Reaching milestones in the point system will pay out small rewards, which will grow in size as the player plays more. These rewards usually take the form of free spins or other match deposits. Sometimes they will result in small cash prizes as well.

VIP programs tend to cater towards the high roller group in casinos. These can often be exclusive and a player is only invited when the casino sees that they play a lot and with very high stakes. In some casinos even these have levels and this will depend on how much the player wagers in any given game. These VIPs will get very handsome rewards for remaining at a particular casino. Prizes can be anything from cash winnings, free spins through to paid vacations, concert tickets, and attendance at sports events or even poker tournaments.

Whatever the prizes, it is usually worth it to stay at the same casino because at some point a reward will pop up in the player’s account. If a player can play big, then the rewards will be highly lucrative.