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In many online casinos, there are VIP or loyalty reward programs. These systems offer high-rolling players a number of benefits and promotions, unavailable to the general player. Poker rooms offer similar rewards, though each casino or poker room will vary in the way its program is set up. For the most part, these VIP programs use points in a tier-based system. As the player builds up the amount of points they hold, they will move up the predetermined levels that the casino has created. The higher the level, the better the rewards. The lowest level does not usually require the player to have any points, but the highest will need a huge number of points in order to receive these bonuses. Rewards in these programs will vary. Often, players will receive real cash or cashback on the points that they have gained. The amount won in these types of bonuses will depend on how high up the tier the player is, with higher levels being paid greater sums of money or a higher percentage cash back. Other rewards can entail getting gifts in the form of electronic devices, tickets to events or concerts, and even stays in hotels. In some poker rooms, the really high rollers will be rewarded with free entrance into poker tournaments. These are usually online ones, but if the player is big enough, this can be to a land-based poker tournament as well. Whatever your level, playing in a VIP poker room can greatly enhance your play through the higher quality of players within the room, and also increase your bankroll through lucrative bonus offers. Take note that it is important to maintain your level, as rooms will usually check the points monthly, and you can drop down levels if requirements are not met.