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The Most Trustworthy Casino Licences

Many of us love to indulge in our favourite online casino games, but fewer of us stop to think about how the gambling industry operates and what the regulations are that keep them in check. Since gambling involves a sizable amount of financial transactions, the potential for malpractice and fraud is a clear danger.That is one reason why we have accredited licenses that are a hallmark of legitimate enterprises, especially gaming in Malta, where online casinos are big business.

Malta Gaming Authority

One of the most important and influential licences in online gambling continues to be the one given out by the Malta Gaming Authority. Over the years, some of the most popular virtual ventures have sought out the licence, and having successfully achieved it, raised the prestige of the MGA.Today, many new online ventures first seek out the Maltese licence. Such has become their role in the industry that even a remote licence is deemed satisfactory. Do watch out for the Malta Gaming Authority stamp of approval when you visit an online casino the next time around.

Other Trustworthy Licensing Bodies

If you have come upon a new online casino, you should check to see whether they carry an established gaming licence from Malta, or any of the following:

The UK Gambling Commission

Founded in 2005, the licence is one of the most sought after, and one that sets really high standards for verification. If you see an online casino with the UK Gambling Commission approval, you can be confident to trust the enterprise.

Curacao Gaming Licence

One of the oldest online casino licences, it has borne witness to the rise and rise of the virtual sphere. The licence is a well-regulated one and ensures that all practices carried out are fair.

Gibraltar Regulatory Authority

Another well-recognised licence that established itself right on the cusp of the internet age and has now become a standard.