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Rakeback – What is it?

The term is often used but many people don’t understand what rakeback is, much less how to use it. The following article will outline what it is and the benefits that players can gain from it.

How Poker rooms make money

This is important to understand as this partially explains what rakeback is. Poker rooms need to make money somehow, and this usually comes in the form of taking 5% from the pot of any poker game. This is a specific fee and is called the rake. It is so commonplace that most players don’t even know that it occurs. Poker rooms can actually make a lot of money from this method. Besides this though, casinos and poker rooms will make a large profit from the tables themselves.

Rakeback is a much newer concept and only arrived in the last few years or so. Now rakeback has actually become somewhat of a promotion for affiliates when bringing new players to a specific poker room. When a player signs up for rakeback, they too will receive a percentage of the rake from the poker room. This is then called the rakeback. For most, the rakeback is 30% of the rake. Poker rooms give back 30% of the 5% that they took from the player to begin with. It doesn’t seem like much, but for long-term players the amount can steadily grow. Professional players can make tens of thousands just in rakeback, without adding any of their winnings to the total.

Claiming Rakeback

Players do not have to be professional or long term to claim rakeback. They also don’t have to be regular players. Even on a stake of just 100.00 it has been noted that players can make 1000.00 in just one year. Interestingly though, it is not well-known. These schemes are not promoted to newcomers and in fact many people still do not know that such a scheme even exists.