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Starting Your Own Online Casino

When you have start-ups sprouting like button mushrooms in a damp garden, maybe it is time you had one of your own as well – An online casino.

Getting a virtual gambling house up and running requires a certain amount of capital and a clear blueprint on how to proceed. The good news is that we have put together a step-by-step guide that should get you started:

Step 1 – Software and Game Content

The very first decision you must make is selecting the appropriate software for your online casino Remember, this is the backbone of your virtual operation. Everything from account management to marketing campaigns to payment processing will run on your selected software. Then you have the game content that will attract players and enthusiasts to your site. Our advice is to select a supplier that develops their own games. This way, you can keep costs down and have the content tailor-made to your specifications.

Step 2 – The Casino License

Even though it is an online casino, you still need to obtain a license to run it legally. The advantage of running a virtual portal is that you can obtain a license from a country, such as Costa Rica, where the license is less expensive compared to European countries like the UK or Malta.

Step 3 – Payment Method

This may not seem like a big deal at first, but when your online casino begins to roll in the money, you will need an authorized and secure payment channel for your players. Credit cards are the preferred medium, and you can also offer e-wallets such as PayPal.

Step 4 – Marketing

Once you have set up your online casino, then marketing takes centre stage. This is a make or break period. The strategy you adopt should allow the gambling portal to stand out from the competition.